Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We enjoyed taking a walk at the beach. Fall is upon us as it was only in the 50's tonight...brr a little cold for me!Might I add Lashana Tovah! It's the Jewish New Year and we broke it in at the Loyola Park enjoying a family walk.

Asher meet Roscoe..Roscoe meet Asher
Asher got a tongue bath today from this adorable 14 week old Boxer. Roscoe sure liked Asher..I don't know how much Asher liked him though

Happy Baby

Happy Baby, Happy Happy Baby!
When Asher gets out he is glad to let everyone know how happy he is:-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

OK Asher One Last Stroll

He had to get his final walk on before the sun went down!

Park & Play

Ok, so our kids absolute favorite place in the world is the park. He loves to go to the park now..Of course what intelligent young energetic toddler wouldn't love the park? I don't know that I like the park as much because every time he climbs on something I feel like I am going to have a nervous break down worrying about if he will fall and get hurt, but as Keith reminds me that is part of growing up. I think he may have went down the slide 20x in 5 minutes (with the help of mom & dad). It's always fun though as long as we are all smiling.

The ZOO!

This past visit to the zoo was awesome! Asher loves the sea lions and monkeys (aka: min mins). It's like you could literally see his mind absorbing all of these new things around him. It's a lot of fun to see your own child learning and excited about the things they see. I especially love the picture Keith shot of him holding Asher's hand and walking. It's not a portrait photo or anything, it's just the angle/idea of him walking holding on to daddy's hand.

Daniel, Katerina & Asher

Asher had a great time playing with Katerina and Daniel. It is so nice to have them over not only for Asher but for me (Hannah) as well. I can't believe how much they have grown. Katerina was younger then Asher is now when I started watching her, WOW!! It was fun to see our little guy interact with older kids. He had so much fun coloring with Katerina & Daniel, and even more fun eating the top off the green marker. Lucky for us he didn't actually swallow the tip he just chewed it off :-)

Caught Red Handed

Lately we have noticed toilet paper disappearing by the rolls! Little guy seems to think it is a fun game to take them and dump them in the toilet. It appears we caught him this time around.

Asher's 1st Boat Ride

We had a great time for my birthday. Keith took us on a boat ride out on Lake Michigan so we could see the city. We didn't get far because about 1/2 hour in one heck of a storm came our way. Nonetheless, Asher loved the water & boat. He sang the whole time which is a sure sign he is one happy kid. It made for a perfect present for me just to see my little guy so content.