Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hanukkah & Christmas 2008

Isn't that cake impressive?? Thank you Connie for your hard work at making the train cake for us!! It tastes as good as it looks:-)

Christmas & Hanukkah 2008

There is a mish mosh of pictures here from about the last week in November when we visited the zoo up until just today (Christmas Day). It's been a very busy month for us as it is with everyone. My little ones are asleep as I am writing this after a long Christmas day. Asher iced & decorated his first cake which is going to be dedicated to Jesus' birthday. Taly just enjoyed eating all the candy off of the cake & surprising us Christmas Eve with her first steps.. We are so excited she is walking, but now I am going to really have to keep an eye on her :-) It was a great Christmas gift & we had a nice time as a family lighting the Menorah & teaching Asher & Taly about the shamash or "servant Candle" along with why we celebrate both Hanukkah & Christmas. They are both pretty young still, but you never know what the Lord is molding in their little minds. Right now we are all just enjoying the lights on the tree & the glow of the menorah which has been a treat to all of us. Anyways, enjoy the pictures of my two little ones..growing so big...and only about 4 weeks to go until our next little guy "Isaac Joseph" arrives..WOW time is going by fast. Most of the pictures are from Christmas Eve (and Day) along with the 2nd and 3rd night of Hanukkah (December 22 & 23rd but there are some like the one with Asher on the carousel with Keith that were from November. There are pics of the two of them playing with their new Christmas/Hanukkah toys. Also there are a couple of shots of Taly in there that were too cute to pass up posting. She's the most photogenic kid I have about ever seen....both her & her brother love to pose for the camera. 

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Asher found out that there is more to the zoo this time of year then animals. We took him and his little sister to the Lincoln Park Zoo for the Christmas light presentation & he and Taly loved it. In these photos he is trying to look into this snowman display to see how it was lit up. I thought it was a sweet photo of my childs curiosity. The snowman picture is what the display looked like a little above where Asher was standing.

Feast to Festivities

Thanksgiving was a little quieter then usual this year because both my babies were under the weather:-( However, we still enjoyed all the yummy stuff that goes with meal time,and hey the table looked pretty (minus the mismatched chairs). The pictures of Athalya were taken on Thanskgiving morning. She was just happy to have her bottle to feast on as she had no idea it was her first real Thanksgiving celebration. However, she did a nice job cleaning her plate of turkey, corn casserole & stuffing..the kid can eat!!!!!

Time well spent

These pictures are a little out of order when it comes to dates, but I thought they were cute. These are pics from this past August visiting my parents. Asher & Atalya LOVED the pool-Asher looks like he is being such a big brother to Taly meanwhile I think he was attempting to dump water over her head!

Nana & Bapa's 08/2008

I think our little man means business when it comes to music:-) The look of concentration is so there! This is why we love visiting Nana & Bapa's house in Florida-piano's & pools..